ALL classes and workshops are included in an academy membership, if you are currently not a member and wish to drop into a class or workshop, please book in below. Thank you.

Live Mobility & Mindfulness with Chloey

  • Tuesdays @5pm EST & Sundays @1pm EST
  • 30-45 mins
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Live Barre & Technique with Maggie

Maggie’s classes utilise elements of ballet barre, technique for Irish dance & pilates. A fun, creative class to improve body awareness, alignment strength & flexibility. NEW Posture program starting April 26th.

  • Fridays @5:30pm EST
  • 30 mins
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Live Strength & Conditioning with Coach Fran

Please note that Fran is currently on maternity leav. She will be back in the fall for live classes. You will find her new Strength and Power program in the academy on demand platform.

  • Wednesdays @6am (est) & Saturdays @9am (est)
  • 30-45 mins
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NOURISH! With Dr Meghan Brown. Nutrition for dancers

Self Love- Hydration workshop

  • Sunday Feb 18th at 12pm est
  • 45-60 mins
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Dr Mitchell DeSimone Workshop - Self-Talk. Part 2!

The things you say to and about yourself don't just impact your performance as a dancer; they also have strong influence over resilience, focus, feelings of self-worth and much more. In this workshop we will explore the function of self-talk to better understand why we say the things we do and how we can become better self-listeners to unlock elite confidence and improved performance.

  • Sunday May 26th @12pm EST
  • 60 mins
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