Yoga for the sciatic nerve. What does this mean?..

Perhaps you’ve been working on your hamstring flexibility for a while now and there’s still a lot of tension. Do you also feel hamstring stretches in your calf muscles?

Give this sequence a go and see if it eases some tension. There is a nerve that goes from the spine to the foot and it can get in the way of our mobility so this class might help to relieve some of that stress.

Summer series with Chloey – Final Class!

Last week there was a focus on hip rotation and core strengthening. Today there’s more focus on hip flexion (bringing the knee to chest) and hip extension (using the glutes).We still get a workout in on that core!

Enjoy the last class of my summer series. I hope it’s been good to you and your feeling nice and mobile with a strong core.. Going forward in studio practice – focus on finding that stack – shoulders in line with ribs, ribs inline with hips 🙂

Stretch & Strengthen the hamstrings. Sunday May 22nd.

Today we stretch and strengthen those hamstrings as well as weaving in an attitude of mindfulness – Acceptance! Have your journals with you and remember to take the practice of self-acceptance with you off of the mat today.

Cool down in 5 minutes

A great post dance class cool down.. It can be nice after a vigorous class to walk around a little first to allow the heart rate to come back down before stretching. With me talking the cool-down is a little longer than 5 mins but each stretch is performed for just 30 seconds. No excuses to just run out of class (hehe) Enjoy x

Warming up for front clicks :)

Try adding this dynamic sequence into your warm up routine to prep those hamstrings and hips for work! Imagine how much your clicks and shoots etc would improve even just adding these into every pre dance class 🙂

Sunday session. Feb 28th. Reflective journaling & Full body stretch.

Firstly be proud that you show up for yourself, that you’re taking the time out to slow down and reflect. We start with our journals, looking at this last week and the week ahead before a juicy full body stretch, it’s time to restore your body and energy levels. This is the day to wind down, slow down and recenter yourself.