Restmas. Day 8. Posture.

A lovely sequence including breathwork, relaxing through the shoulders, chest and hip flexors. Enjoy it!

Yoga for posture. Sun Sept 4th.

This class will be another lovely one to come back to. If you’re sitting for long periods throughout the day now that you’re back at school/work then popping this into your schedule will be lovely.

Posture, Core & Carriage with Coach Fran

Ok, here we go! the start of a 4 part skills series before we kick off into Oireachtas prep.

Working all of those muscles for a beautiful strong carriage. You will need a resistance band for these exercises.

Mobility month bonus class. Spinal flow.

Let’s take a seat.. And bring awareness to our spine today. Spinal mobility is super important, yet how often do we think about it? Some of the benefits of increasing spine mobility, especially in the thoracic spine (upper back)

  • Better range of motion throughout the upper body
  • A less-rounded upper back
  • Improves lung capacity, enabling us to breathe easier

Sunday Journal & Yoga for posture x

Many of you are Feising, upping your dance classes and home practice right now. Please take some time for recovery and a check in with how you feel in mind, body and spirit – open those journals as we reflect on the week and then move through a lovely sequence for posture x