Mobility month bonus class. Spinal flow.

Let’s take a seat.. And bring awareness to our spine today. Spinal mobility is super important, yet how often do we think about it? Some of the benefits of increasing spine mobility, especially in the thoracic spine (upper back)

  • Better range of motion throughout the upper body
  • A less-rounded upper back
  • Improves lung capacity, enabling us to breathe easier

Mobility month bonus class. HIPS!

Possibly one of my favourite passive & active sequences for those hips I’ve done for you 😉 I hope you enjoy it – I think it’ll be one you’ll keep coming back to. Literally working all areas and actions of the hips.

Chloey x

Mobility challenge. Week 4. Full body flow.

Here we go.. As I mentioned in the intro video we are repeating week 3’s flows. Please stick at it. Never do we improve at something when we just do it the once as you know. (however boring it can seem at times! Let’s do it.. More new flows coming towards the end of the week.

Mobility challenge. Week 4. Intro.

Welcome to week 4. Well done guys. Let’s keep it up. There’s no better feeling than being able to move with more ease for not only dance but in life.