Goal setting & worlds prep masterclass

Ok, lets bring some awareness to our goals for this year. Still a little unsure as to what is most meaningful to you?.. Check out Lucie’s workshop on performance profiling and then come back to this one.

Please find some worksheets below to help you..


Goal setting worksheets..


Pre – performance routine sheets..


Performance profiling, goals & intentions.

This is where we start our new season.. Please listen through this workshop.. Those of you that emailed me will be put into the WhatApp group asap. We are here for you!

Please find below some helpful PDFs that I’d encourage you to print or transfer to your journals. These will also be sent in an email.

Scroll just below here (It’s not visible, but it’s here – not sure how to fix this yet :):

Oireachtas calendar

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My correction checklist

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Pre performance routine

Performance profiling with Dr Lucie Clements

In this session we will explore how Performance Profiling can help you to focus on your New Year goals and aims for 2022.

You will learn a new technique for determining areas you value for success in Irish Dance. We will then use this to identify areas for improvement in your technique and training, and learn how to use this to underpin the goals you set for 2022!