Journaling course. Day 13.

Today I send you to the visualisation tutorial and meditation in your on demand library and after that you open your journal and answer the question… 🙂

Journaling course. Day 10.

The foundation of wellness is the relationship you have with yourself. The journaling prompt in this video has had the most profound affect on my life and overall wellbeing, more so than anything else!

Journaling course. Day 9.

Today we follow on from yesterday with a daily tracker to help prevent overwhelm on the way to your goals and enhance gratitude x

Journaling course. Day 8.

Today we look at a weekly tracker aka Sunday session.. Carving out time each week to assess the week and prepare for the upcoming week.

Journaling course. Day 6.

Today we look at those who inspire us and how they might face some of the challenges in pursuit of our goals x