Mindfulness & Mobility. External rotation work.

You’ve found this class because you realize that you are a little tight in external rotation and are up for mobilizing and strengthening this area! Let’s do it. Aim to pop this shorter routine into your schedule at least 3x per week. Really pay attention to the areas that you need to work on the most. Enjoy!

Mindfulness & Mobility – Turnout. Internal Hip Rotation Focus.

After my last workshop weekend it was amazing to see once again so many differences when it comes to dancer’s hips. We truly are unique beings. Many dancers, when we did a hip rotation assessment found that they had great external rotation and lacked internal rotation & vice versa.

If the hip internal rotator muscles are weak and tight this will limit the amount of external rotation that can happen.

Give this class a go and note what you notice.. Cramping? Very limited range? If you have any questions please ask. You will soon find a Turnout  assessment masterclass in your lesson area to get to the bottom as much as possible on where you  might be limited.

Mindfulness & Mobility. March 12th. Includes Body Gratitude!

This class could be a great one for dance teachers to use at the end of a dance class from time to time.. For dancers to tune into their body and practice gratitude for all it does for us! How often do we take time out to appreciate our body? – It’s important 😉