*NEW Stamina with Coach Fran. Class 4. Combination Stamina.

Structure & Progression

At least 80% effort intensity, completing each exercise in sequence one straight after the other (no dawdling on changeover)

Maintain emphasis on keeping moving whilst still having the intention of outputting power (even if it feels like not much is coming out!)

A great way to improve overall power and dynamic athleticism.

Combo Stamina

*NEW Stamina with Coach Fran. Class 1!

Before you do anything else, give this a go!

MARK DOWN how many reps of the double jump burpee you completed in 60 seconds, so you can see how much you’ve progressed in a couple weeks. Also take note of how your legs feel throughout! Remember it’s your ability to be able to focus on and control your technique without the fatigue taking over that’s just as important 🙂

*If you want to REALLY challenge yourself*

Take 2 – 3 minutes rest after completing your max Double Jump Burpee reps, and repeat… Aiming to maintain (or even beat) your previous number!

*A great time to do this training could be at the end of a training session or dance class.

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