*NEW Dynamic Warm Up & Glute activation

In light of our new mobility month kicking off this April 2023 I decided to record for you a new dynamic warm up routine. Teachers feel free to use it in your classes! And dancers can use it for pre comp prep and really however you wish. Listen to the cues given – and if you’ve any questions at all, ask away! You’ll need a mini band or theraband for the glute activations.

Feis/performance day follow along warm up.

For those of you that would like some support during your pre performance routine movement prep, I’m here for you to follow along with me!

As discussed in previous classes and workshops, your movement prep is really an individual thing. For example, if improving turnout is something you need to focus on, then incorporating more exercises into your warm up specifically for that goal can be very useful. You may do this routine and find you feel more than prepared afterwards, but you may also find you need to adjust it slightly – so listen to your own body and add or takeaway exercises as you need. There are many individual warm up exercises to be found in your library.

This particular follow along routine is a great all rounder, using the R.A.M.P method – we raise our heart rates, activate our muscles, mobilise our joints and challenge our balance before firing up that nervous system with some more explosive moves. I incorporate the use of mini bands in this one for some hip activating drills – therabands will work fine too.

If you’ve any questions on any of the exercises at all, please give us a shout!

Enjoy it 🙂