Sunday Mindful Stretch x

This will be another great one to add to your favourites, come back to it after a dance class, a feis, to recover… Really whenever you need that full body check in x

Follow along cool down :)

Join me for a Head to Toe cool down, whether you’ve finished practice, a workshop day or feis – let’s take the time to cool down – Your body will thank you for it x

Desk relief

A short effective class to reset a body that has been sat down for a long period. So whether you’ve been at school, work, travelling for a long period, take a small amount of time and pop this in at the end of your day. Or throughout the day if possible.

Wind down & reflect

I often talk about the importance of self reflection as a dancing athlete.. It’s super important for growth as you’ll learn in this video. Create some space, grab your journal, pen and yoga mat x