*NEW Dynamic Warm Up & Glute activation

In light of our new mobility month kicking off this April 2023 I decided to record for you a new dynamic warm up routine. Teachers feel free to use it in your classes! And dancers can use it for pre comp prep and really however you wish. Listen to the cues given – and if you’ve any questions at all, ask away! You’ll need a mini band or theraband for the glute activations.

Happy hips flow :)

As requested – a lovely short sequence, paring mindfulness the breath and some beautiful hip movements.. Give your body the gift of this short class today x

TURNOUT class with Fran

This class can be used on its own or before dance practice and training to help to enhance your mobility and strength for turnout! Enjoy it x

Yoga for Hips! Sunday May 8th.

Please enjoy this live class recording of a juicy yoga flow for opening those hips.. A wonderful practice to keep coming back to and if you’re taking part in the mobility month, you’ll be getting those extra gains in 😉 Enjoy it. We also finish today with a journaling prompt so have your journals ready x

Mobility challenge. Week 1. Core & Breath work 1.

I understand that many of you will feel more advanced than this core class today, but I would like everyone to please start here! I talk and cue A LOT. I am really teaching the basics of how to keep that core area aligned, & engaged, whilst still enabling you to breathe optimally – super important to learn.