Movement prep: Ostrich stretch

Hips n Hamstrings – A Riverdance favourite back stage mobility move.. Pop a few of these in whilst waiting back stage to perform.

Movement prep: Spiderman

Opening up into that hips space – through the adductors (cross over muscles) and then also opening into the chest space with the added arm opener. Complete 10 repetitions or the length of a room/studio

Movement prep: Downward dog sequence

Another great all rounder: The downward facing dog with heel raises will lengthen through the hamstrings, lower legs, mobilise the ankles. Feel free to add to it with the hovers as shown and the extra core activation. 3-5 repetitions will be great!

Movement prep: inchworm-kickback

A wonderful all rounder for dancers.. Activating & lengthening through the hamstrings and firing up the core. Including the glutes, back (for posture) and anterior core.

Movement prep: Dynamic pigeon

One of my favourite ways to dynamically stretch the muscles responsible for lovely Cuts. go with 10-20 repetitions. As always listen to your body and what it needs.