*NEW Turnout Anatomy!

If you’re anything like me, you are a visual person and seeing the bones & muscles work will be helpful in learning moreĀ  about turnout and how to maximize it. I think this particular video is more for some of our older dancers 12+ as well as parents and teachers of course. Please give me a shout if you’ve any questions. And please find a couple references below and further reading..

IADMS paper..


I also love the work of Lisa Howell from The Ballet Blog – she has great resources when it comes to teaching turnout to very young dancers..

Training Turnout in Tiny Dancers

The visuals used during the video are from the Visible Body app – highly recommended to learn everything anatomy!

*NEW Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation

I’ve found this relaxation technique to be one I come back to often. Research has shown a range of benefits, including betterĀ  sleep – the ultimate form of rest and recovery – as well as easing stress and anxiety. Practicing being relaxed might sound easy enough but in reality it can take some dedication.

I highly recommend that you start cultivating calm now so that when your important competition comes along you are well prepared!

Restmas. Class One. Breathwork & Neck & Shoulders.

Welcome to the start of winding down and reset season. There’s very little movement in this class so for some of you it will be different, super important to learn to breathe properly – it really is the mother of mobility as well as finding calm. Grab a theraband and blocks if you have them. Enjoy!

Mobility month bonus class. Spinal flow.

Let’s take a seat.. And bring awareness to our spine today. Spinal mobility is super important, yet how often do we think about it? Some of the benefits of increasing spine mobility, especially in the thoracic spine (upper back)

  • Better range of motion throughout the upper body
  • A less-rounded upper back
  • Improves lung capacity, enabling us to breathe easier

Mobility challenge. Week 3. Lower body flow 3.

Today we focus on the lower leg. A reminder to practice mindfulness throughout your mobility work, really focusing on the task at hand – I understand it’s easy for the mind to wander when in some of those deeper stretches, but once you’ve noticed that that has happened- breathe into it and bring the focus back.