*NEW All of the muscles involved in a Front Split ;)

Welcome to this lesson on the kinesiology of Front Splits. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to really get to know your own body, exactly what might be holding you back with some of your Irish Dance skills and goals? As we are currently in a program dedicated to front splits, leading into developing the strength and power for clicks and extensions, this class is a great introduction to those muscles that are involved. Enjoy!

Oireachtas training with Fran. Class 9. Oct 4th.

The quality of this recording isn’t so great today, our apologies! Coach Fran is has been away at a different location for a couple of days and the internet wouldn’t be as strong as usual. Back to normal next time!

Performance day Meditation & quick energiser!

Irish dancing is physically hard as we know, what can be harder is the mental part. When that mind throws us into future and past thinking we are not present & focused and these thoughts often lead us towards stress- as Lucie has talked to us about before, this can often lead us to more chance of mistakes or ‘choking under pressure.’ High levels of stress decrease your ability to maintain focus and concentration. Of course, stress can be a helpful tool when used correctly;  but when it’s not, it can not only impact your performance, but your life.

The number one tool I have for you is to consistently practice mindfulness. Remember, we get better at what we practice. Let’s practice calm x

P.S feel free to do as many rounds of the sun salutations as you would like. For a little bit more of a ‘pick up’ try 4-6 rounds 🙂