Mindfulness & Mobility. External rotation work.

You’ve found this class because you realize that you are a little tight in external rotation and are up for mobilizing and strengthening this area! Let’s do it. Aim to pop this shorter routine into your schedule at least 3x per week. Really pay attention to the areas that you need to work on the most. Enjoy!

Candlelit Recovery Flow – Non Striving, just Being!

Welcome to your Recovery Flow!

Most of what we do in life, we are doing with a purpose or goal in mind. So today we are “non-doing” and focusing on seeing and accepting things as they are in the present moment. 

Today, we will try not to attach at all to a particular outcome, such as relaxing or clearing the mind or becoming a better person, striving towards these goals actually interferes with the ability to accept what is here too,.

This can be very restorative because when you think about we always have so many agendas, we are always on the way to reaching a goal, to actually be in a place where we practice non striving, non doing and allowing things be as they are is very nurturing,

Again, not easy to do because we have so many things that we feel we ‘should’ be doing.

Give yourself some time to practice non striving/non doing, realizing that whatever is already here in this moment is good enough, you don’t need to fix anything, escape from anything or make anything happen.

Embrace the moment you are in, hold onto your awareness, and do your best to not react or transition into goal-setting mode!

I’ve recorded this again without music as our tastes are all different. But I do have a nice relaxing playlist on spotify should you wish to use it. The link is below:


Sunday Dec 10th. Joyful Hip Flow :)

A lovely joyful hip flow for you today. I will record this one at some stage soon as the picture quality isn’t the best. I hope you still enjoy.