*NEW Stamina with Coach Fran. Class 4. Combination Stamina.

Structure & Progression

At least 80% effort intensity, completing each exercise in sequence one straight after the other (no dawdling on changeover)

Maintain emphasis on keeping moving whilst still having the intention of outputting power (even if it feels like not much is coming out!)

A great way to improve overall power and dynamic athleticism.

Combo Stamina

*NEW Dynamic Warm Up & Glute activation

In light of our new mobility month kicking off this April 2023 I decided to record for you a new dynamic warm up routine. Teachers feel free to use it in your classes! And dancers can use it for pre comp prep and really however you wish. Listen to the cues given – and if you’ve any questions at all, ask away! You’ll need a mini band or theraband for the glute activations.

Learning to respond and not react meditation

One of the greatest things I have done for myself and the way I show up in this world is to practice pausing before reacting. We all go through times of challenge and adversity and as dancers we have our fair share of disappointments..
Honestly, I used to be quite reactive, which I now realise just isn’t very helpful.
This week has come with a couple of setbacks for me and the difference is that now I have the ability to pause, create some space, see things from a different perspective and then respond in a much calmer, more peaceful way. It’s truly a beautiful thing to be able to cultivate – Like anything worth while, it takes practice..