Letting go of fear of judgement

Posted on October 25,2020 by Chloey Turner

My struggle with anxiety caused me to have a fear of judgement for most of my life. I’ve always  been a massive over-thinker and had the desperate need to be liked. This can make putting yourself out there and sharing your work and experiences quite scary. I’d often think, “What if people don’t like what I’m doing? What if I’m seen to fail? What if no one shows up to my events and workshops?” Etc.

My anxiety and fear hasn’t gone away completely. I’ve come to accept that it may never. I have also come to realise the following:

If you’re feeling vulnerable or fearful, it means you care. Personally, I’ve never done anything of value that I wasn’t terrified of doing.

Being brave doesn’t mean that you’re not scared and that you don’t have fears. Being brave is about being afraid and going for it anyway. I’ve come to embrace my vulnerability and am happy to share it.

Once you can finally let go of your fears and realise that judgment is unavoidable, you have great intentions and a kind heart—you can do wonderful things.

Why is it that we could have 99 people love us and one person that doesn’t and we focus on the one person and let it upset us? That one person can take away your power; don’t let them, ever! The only opinion of you that really matters is your own, truly. As the great Jim Carrey said, “When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you’ve reached a dangerous level of freedom.”

People will always judge. So be it. Let them. It concerns us not! We’re too busy daring greatly in our respective arenas.

Chloey ♥️

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