*NEW Clouds meditation.. Creating space in the mind.

I hope this meditation will be good to you. This one I am sat with you versus just recording my voice. The sound I don’t think is perfect, but I do just try to strive for excellence anyway 😉 I’m always interested to hear you thoughts and feedback. So do give me a shout. This meditation is a similar idea to our “leaves on a stream” one. This is my personal favourite! A reminder that thoughts and emotions, like clouds, are ever-evolving, ever-shifting, passing by!

Take a break meditation

A gentle reminder today that the mind just like the body, needs a break and some rest from time to time.
I hope this short meditation will encourage you to take a break from whatever it is that you’re doing and cultivate some ease and calm..

Morning meditation

How about you ease into your day cultivating calm and ease? At times I personally can wake up a little anxious thinking about all that I have to do that day, or immediately jump online and scroll through my phone. I find when I start the day with a meditation practice, setting an intention for the day ahead that I am then calm and focused. First thing in the morning is truly my favourite time to practice mindfulness. And this practice is super short, just 3 minutes! Remember – it’s the small daily improvements and habits that lead to stunning results.

Manomaya Kosha. The mental sheath.

Manomaya Kosha.. Manas is a Sanskrit word for mind. We looked at the physical body in the Annamaya Kosha, then the energetic body in the Pranamaya Kosha and now we bring awareness to the mind. Our thoughts, emotions, memories, decisions and intellect are directed by the manomaya kosha. In today’s practice we bring focus and clarity to the mind with meditation. I hope this is good to you x

Pranamaya Kosha. The life force energy.

To develop the pranamaya kosha, breath awareness must be cultivated. In today’s class we will continually bring our attention to the breath. Let your focus deepen as you become aware of how your body moves in response to your breath, and how your breath feels throughout the practice. Let that awareness follow you off the mat and into your life.

Slowing down meditation & working with our emotions

Today we acknowledge how we feel and what our emotions could be sign posting.

While you don’t need to limit yourself to the emotions and needs included below, they can provide a starting point in developing a greater level of emotional awareness and understanding..