*NEW Yoga for the sciatic nerve. What does this mean?

Perhaps you’ve been working on your hamstring flexibility for a while now and there’s still a lot of tension. Do you also feel hamstring stretches in your calf muscles?
Give this sequence a go and see if it eases some tension. There is a nerve that goes from the spine to the foot and it can get in the way of our mobility so this class might help to relieve some of that stress.

*NEW Hip Flexors Flow

This flow challenges the hip flexors through range of motion and strength. There is a link between having tight hip flexors and the breath being a little more shallow also. This is a lovely class to breathe life into those hips!

And full disclosure, I spent a little more time that usual sitting this christmas period so my hips certainly needed it 🙂

*NEW From the core

I hope you’ll enjoy this core class, where the focus is not just on the physical strength of the core but connecting to our inner strength/emotional strength too. Have a think about how your physical strength can connect to your inner sense of courage and vulnerability.

Body & Breath soothing class

A gorgeous 30-minute practice to focus your awareness on the connection of movement and breath. With this practice we work on tapping into the bodies relaxation response.

Yoga for mental strength

This flow is to help you align to your inner courage and mental strength. When we’re struggling with heaviness or low days, it can be helpful to move the body, to get the juices flowing and to release any tension that could be making us feel worse. I send you this video with love and compassion. You are not alone.

10 minute morning movement

A lovely mini morning flow, which will open up your whole body, whilst giving your hands and wrists a rest.

Vishuddhi & Ajna Mandala Flow

This mandala flow will be drawing strength from your Ajna (Third Eye) which is the centre for perception, consciousness and intuition.  As well as Vishuddhi chakra. Expect some opening into the throat as well as some balance work today.

Through this practice you will also be activating the vagus nerve – the main nerve of your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the regulation of internal organ functions such as digestion, heart rate, respiratory rate and the immune system.

Anahata Mandala flow

Today’s practice aims to open space in and around your heart, physically, energetically and emotionally. Opening the front of the body will aid the connection to your breath, your heart and the air element.

Svadhisthana Mandala flow

A 45 minute fluid water-inspired mandala with a focus on opening deep into the hips and tapping into the Sacral Chakra – the centre of our emotions, feelings and expression.

Mini Mandala Flow

I’ve very much enjoyed practicing Mandala sequencing over the last few weeks. I do hope you enjoy this next month of moving 360 around the mat with the intention of lighthearted playfulness.