Yoga for anxiety and stress

I encourage you to come back to this practice whenever you need and even when you don’t need – to help manage stress and anxiety that arises.  Today we sooth the nervous system and shift into a calmer more restful place x

Slowing down meditation & working with our emotions

Today we acknowledge how we feel and what our emotions could be sign posting.

While you don’t need to limit yourself to the emotions and needs included below, they can provide a starting point in developing a greater level of emotional awareness and understanding..




Dream state.

The first practice of a new month with the theme ‘Dreamy’ where we encourage better evening habits and learn to balance the nervous system. In this class our focus is on stimulating the vagus nerve. I am leaving this link here below to a short video from my mentor Ashley Turner talking about the vagus nerve for you to check out also.

Easing overwhelm meditation

Feeling a little overwhelmed? that’s ok.. Take a short time out to create some space with this mindfulness meditation x

Panic relief meditation

In this moment all is well. You are supported. You are safe. You have everything you need within you.. You have calm and peace within you. You have strength and support within you. You have love and compassion within you. You have everything you need to face any obstacles that arise within you.. I hope this guided meditation can bring you some relief in your time of need. Please know that this too shall pass x

Slow Motion

Through slowing down the body and breath, we can start to cultivate a sense of slowness in the mind. Anchor your body into the present moment and as you breath, allow yourself the opportunity to move deeper into the space.

Elements series: Earth

Grounding, stable, secure, connected. I recommend getting outside and doing this one in nature. Please enjoy it.

Easing anxiety

Shifting into a place of rest and digest.. If you are struggling to manage anxiety and stress please come back to this sequence often. Take time for yourself and observe how you feel in your mind body. When anxious the mind loves to wander, when we notice this happening we’ll do our best to bring the awareness back to the breath.

Why not light a candle and create a lovely peaceful place to relax.

Space for slowness

Finding some ground and space for slowness can often be more challenging than the vinyasa styles practices. It can be tough to come off of the hamster wheel of life and cultivate some calm. I believe this is a very important practice for us all. In this practice we breathe and check in with our body and emotions.