*NEW Yoga for the sciatic nerve. What does this mean?

Perhaps you’ve been working on your hamstring flexibility for a while now and there’s still a lot of tension. Do you also feel hamstring stretches in your calf muscles?
Give this sequence a go and see if it eases some tension. There is a nerve that goes from the spine to the foot and it can get in the way of our mobility so this class might help to relieve some of that stress.

Mini Mandala Flow

I’ve very much enjoyed practicing Mandala sequencing over the last few weeks. I do hope you enjoy this next month of moving 360 around the mat with the intention of lighthearted playfulness.

Honouring the shadows flow

Today we tap into all the unmet parts of the body, feeling strong and powerful. Let’s honour every part of the body for what it is, seeing the shadows, the darker parts and find love and acceptance for it all. Expect some warriors and chaturangas in this dynamic hug for your body and soul!

Rise & shine

Reclaiming our energy and personal power this morning x