Pranamaya Kosha. The life force energy.

To develop the pranamaya kosha, breath awareness must be cultivated. In today’s class we will continually bring our attention to the breath. Let your focus deepen as you become aware of how your body moves in response to your breath, and how your breath feels throughout the practice. Let that awareness follow you off the mat and into your life.

Journey to splits. Day 12.

A Strong and flexy flow today before making our way into splits! Enjoy it 🙂

Please note that I make a mistake and forget to do the half 90 internal rotation stretch on the left side! Oops! I do highlight this through text in the video. Please do it on both sides xx

Space for slowness

Finding some ground and space for slowness can often be more challenging than the vinyasa styles practices. It can be tough to come off of the hamster wheel of life and cultivate some calm. I believe this is a very important practice for us all. In this practice we breathe and check in with our body and emotions.