Journey to splits. Day 3.

Today we slow it down and find a deep energetic stretch in this yin style yoga practice. I encourage you to bring props and as much cushioning as you’d like. Yes, we want to stretch, but this is also a time for reflection and looking inwards, quite a meditative practice this one.

Bonus class – Hip Mobility x

Please enjoy this bonus class where we work into the hips space.. This class was recorded during a live with dancers, hence the occasional dance reference. Take deep breaths into the hips and allow them to release with every exhale x

Yoga for the posterior chain (back body)

In this practice, we’ll stretch and strength all the way down the posterior chain focusing on our stabilising muscles and lengthening out the whole back body. This is great flow to come back to on a regular basis, especially if you’re quad dominant and do a lot of lower body workouts.