Take a break meditation

A gentle reminder today that the mind just like the body, needs a break and some rest from time to time.
I hope this short meditation will encourage you to take a break from whatever it is that you’re doing and cultivate some ease and calm..

Easing overwhelm meditation

Feeling a little overwhelmed? that’s ok.. Take a short time out to create some space with this mindfulness meditation x

Panic relief meditation

In this moment all is well. You are supported. You are safe. You have everything you need within you.. You have calm and peace within you. You have strength and support within you. You have love and compassion within you. You have everything you need to face any obstacles that arise within you.. I hope this guided meditation can bring you some relief in your time of need. Please know that this too shall pass x

Asana alignment: Warrior 1 pose aka Virabhadrasana 1

Warrior I Pose is filled with opposing alignments, but when all of the opposing movements work together, the pose offers a full-body experience. You will stretch the ankles and calves, strengthen the quadriceps and back, lengthen the hip flexors, and stretch your upper body and arms. There’s almost no body part that doesn’t reap the rewards of holding Virabhadrasana I.