Mobility challenge. Week 3. Activation – Lower trapezius.

We focus on activating the lower traps to help stabilise the shoulder blades during overhead movements. When our lower traps are weak our upper trapezius muscles turn on and engage more often than they should. Your upper trapezius (upper trap) is the muscle that helps elevate and upwardly rotate the scapula and extend the neck. When the upper trap has no support from the mid or low trapezius fibers it can become overworked and therefore very tight, affecting our posture for dance.

Mobility challenge. Week 3. Lower body flow 3.

Today we focus on the lower leg. A reminder to practice mindfulness throughout your mobility work, really focusing on the task at hand – I understand it’s easy for the mind to wander when in some of those deeper stretches, but once you’ve noticed that that has happened- breathe into it and bring the focus back.

Mobility challenge. Week 3. Intro.

We are now on week 3.. New mobility flows and activations coming this week, bringing more awareness, mobility and strength to our bodies 🙂