*NEW Strength & Power program Phase 1. Session A & B. Force absorption & Force Production. Warm Up, Workout Routines & Cool Down

In this phase of training we will be training Force Absorption, and Force Production.

BOTH are vital in order to maximise your ability to transfer over athletic potential into your dancing. (Lack of Force Absorption training is also a massive factor behind a lot of common injuries!)

These sessions are most akin to traditional conditioning work. Weights are not required, but can be incorporated.


  • A low step – bottom step of a staircase is perfect
  • A high step – something like a chair will work just fine


A message from Coach Fran..

Regularity is going to depend in some part on individuals schedules, but if you’re able to do both sessions A and B at least once a week that’d be great.
If you don’t have class often or it’s not too intense, you can aim for twice each session alternating (so A – B – A – B), providing that your body feels good and you’re able to asign rest days beforehand!Ideally have 2 days rest between completing the same session again. There are 3 phases of this program each lasting 4 weeks, each month will be a progression of the last. Please try to focus on technique, muscle engagement and increase repetitions slightly each week if  you can. Any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Please find a PDF print out of the exercises below as well as a tracking sheet.

Phase one A 

Tracking sheet


COOL DOWN Routine..