Posture & Alignment series with Chloey. Live class 1.

Live class one of this new series and we are starting with looking at ‘the anterior  pelvic tilt’ AKA duck butt! Please check out the lesson area to find the ‘anterior pelvic tilt’ assessment with Fran to confirm whether or not this is something that you do in fact have!

Today, you will need a foam roller, yoga block (if possible) and a theraband or mini band.

*Please note the way I do my split squats.. I am shifting forward a little (not correct) try to go straight up and down, lots of tuck under of the hips and not shifting  your weight forward. You might notice my knee driving forward over the toes a little vs doing what I’m asking of you guys and keeping the knee in line with ankle. So try not to compensate like I did (LOL).

Please find a PDF of the exercises demonstrated should you wish to print out..

Anterior tilt exercises