*NEW Assessing Turnout

In this video we shall gage an idea of our current turnout range and identify where we may be restricted. When it comes to improving your range and control in turnout, the more you know about the anatomy of turnout, the better. I recommend watching the “Anatomy of turnout’ lesson before this one.

This information can then help you to select mobilizers that will be the most effective in improving your range safely. Grab a notebook, pen and perhaps your phone to take images and let’s go!

10 tips of Christmas. Tip 3 with Dr Mitch. Reflection.

A wonderful time of year to reflect. Dr Mitch will guide you through his first of 2 performance psychology tips this December. Looking at our year, reflecting, taking the lessons learned before we move forward and set new goals.

Restmas. Day 10! Full body into gentle splits.

Enjoy your last day of Restmas. A full body flow into splits – splits are optional – you can relax at that point!

*I noticed that I missed a single leg extension from downward dog on the left side – oops! see if you pick up on it and feel free to add it in 🙂